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Dorset Martial Arts at ForFit Fitness, We have been teaching Childrens Taekwon-Do in Dorchester for over 15 Years.

Our classes run on a Tuesday and Thursday.


School Years Reception-Year 4 4.45-5.30PM 

Learn basic martial arts skills and life skills such as first aid, fire safety, crossing roads, stranger danger and much more.



School Years 5 to Year 8 5.30-6.15PM

This class is perfect for making friends, building confidence, key motor skills and learning Tae Kwon-Do.



School Years 9+ 1815- 1900 TUESDAY ONLU

Learn advanced Tae Kwon-Do Skills, and self-defence. Perfect to build confidence. These classes are for children who have been training in martial arts for a longer amount of time.

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